Understanding Personality, Persuasion & Dealing with Different Generations

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Customer Service Training
Lecture, Online, Seminar

Customer and client support teams are the first point of contact during any new interaction. Are your front line staff able to maximize business opportunities while at the same time build strong relationships and manage customer loyalty?

Seminar Description:

Typically, people are more comfortable interacting with people who are like themselves.  In this session, we’ll examine peoples’ communication preferences to improve understanding and communication with both internal and external customers.

Using the Extended DISC behavioral profile, we start by examining the four quadrants and our own preferences. We will learn the differences of the four styles, how to quickly identify a person’s dominant style, and the basis of communicating with each one.  Once identified, we can modify our styles to customers to facilitate optimum communication.

We will learn how to avoid conflict with other styles, make better decisions on how to deal with people, help you make a positive impact on your performance with others, and give you techniques you can use immediately to help you deal with your customers the way they want to be treated

Key Learning Points:
  • Learn about a model that identifies the main behavioral styles to facilitate interaction with people
  • Using this model, learn how to effectively communicate with other people
  • Learn techniques to that will help you understand your customers better so you can then focus on growing your business
  • Learn factors which motivate different behavioural styles which will help you to be more effective in dealing with each style
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1:00pm – 2:30pm
1.5 Hours Webinar Customer Service Training Randy Hnatko, MBA

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