Understanding People (Transactional Analysis)

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Customer Service Training
Lecture, Online, Seminar

Customer and client support teams are the first point of contact during any new interaction. Are your front line staff able to maximize business opportunities while at the same time build strong relationships and manage customer loyalty?

Seminar Description:

To be an individual on the front-line we need a slight edge to better connect with people; understanding our customers is central to helping them with their problems. Much of our personality is shaped by early childhood influences and teachings – messages that we carry with us throughout our lives. Here you will learn about the foundations of Transactional Analysis, a model for Understanding Human Personality, Relationships and Communication.

All our early life experiences are assembled into a unique set of beliefs about ourselves, others and the world, our ‘Frame of Reference’. This frame is like a distorting lens through which we view life and which gives us a unique personal concept of ‘reality’. Our FoR guides us throughout life unless changed by developing awareness and making decisions to change what we believe.

In this session we will review how this model relates to the those on the front-line. We will explore how the components of people’s personality influence their behavior. You will learn how to identify repetitive, non-productive behavior and how to replace it with more appropriate behavior.

Key Learning Points:
  • Learn about three (3) “Emotional States” which govern our Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviours during any conversation
  • Understand the three (3) Rules of Communication
  • Understand how the Drama (Game) Triangle relates to the mind games people play
Session Time(s) Duration Delivery Required Program Enrolment Instructor
1:00pm – 2:30pm
1.5 Hours Webinar Customer Service Training Randy Hnatko, MBA

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