Presentation Skills

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Customer Service Training
Lecture, Online, Seminar

Customer and client support teams are the first point of contact during any new interaction. Are your front line staff able to maximize business opportunities while at the same time build strong relationships and manage customer loyalty?

Seminar Description:

As a Customer Service Professional you may have the technical experience in your role, but do you have the ability to effectively communicate the message you are trying to achieve.

We will review how to effectively communicate with your audience, learn how to tell great stories to convey your message and understand the 4 key elements of a great presentation; Know, Feel, Say and Do. We will also review the keys to a presenter’s effective body language, voice and visual aids. At the end of this session you will have the tools to be a better, more confident and effective presenter.

Key Learning Points:
  • Learn and understand the four (4) Key Elements of a Great Presentation
  • Learn how to use the proper visual aids to enhance your presentation
  • Learn the Top Ten (10) Tips to become a more Effective Presenter
Session Time(s) Duration Delivery Required Program Enrolment Instructor
1:00pm – 2:30pm
1.5 Hours Webinar Customer Service Training Randy Hnatko, MBA

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