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Details on How to Enroll

Do you need Business Coaching & Consulting? Are you interested in taking your career to the next level? A recent Harvard Business School study determined that businesses or individuals which are considering engaging outsourced services have one major concern: Will the service-provider really understand their business and the particular problems and challenges they face?

We overcome this concern with an intensive assessment session prior to beginning any work together which allows us to determine exactly what your needs are and to respond by suggesting training, seminars, groups and “workouts” that are appropriate to those needs.

It is our job to fit your requirements – not to shoehorn you into fitting ours.

Sales Training

Refine your sales-growth plan, practice strategies, techniques and develop your skills, before interacting with prospects and customers.

Management Training

Develop real skills specific to your actual goals and challenges. Our program brings both the “how” and the real world into the training room. Real world. Real results.

Customer Service Training

Provide your team with the skills & confidence to not only deal with difficult people but recognize where a business opportunity may occur – and then take advantage of it.

Business Coaching

Unique and targeted programs that are linked to current issues and realities that you are facing, helping executives reach their career, personal and organisational goals.

The Enrollment Process


Complete the Online Assessment

Not sure what program would be the best fit for your situation? Start by filling out this Online Assessment which will help us provide you with a recommended course(s) and/or training segment.


We Review Your Results

Once you submit the Online Assessment our team of Educators will review the results and recommend a mix of Webinars, Coaching or Personalized Specialty Training.


You Choose Your Training Stream

You review our recommendations from your base-line assessment data and make a decision as to what you want to do next. You get to pick your course and trainer. We can’t do that for you.


Start Learning

When ready we will provide you with access to our Student Portal – a place where you can review and access all Training Documentation, Courses, Webinars, Videos and Supplementary Information.


Progress Check-Up's

Periodically we review your progress to-date and compare it to the baseline we gathered during the initial Online Assessment. Based off this information we may tweak your program slightly, either increasing or decreasing the difficulty based off of your unique learning situation.

Getting Started

Completion of the Online Assessment is required for students wishing to join the Online Academy. We use the results from the Online Assessment not only to assist our Educators in recommending the most appropriate course(s) or training segments, but to help us create a baseline in which to measure your training progress.

What we asses:

  • Compare skill levels of particular tasks to individuals already in your current, or desired, business role or position.
  • Building of a Psychological Profile - providing us with insight as to the best method for communication and learning.
  • Series of questions as they relate to both personal and professional life, helping us determine an appropriate goal setting matrix.

Enrollment Timeline

  Time to Complete Next Step
Complete Online Assessment 30 – 45 Minutes Educator Review
Educator Recommends Course 24 Hours You Choose Course
Start Training Immediately Review & Adjust