Rules of CSR Engagements

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Customer Service Training
Lecture, Online, Seminar

Customer and client support teams are the first point of contact during any new interaction. Are your front line staff able to maximize business opportunities while at the same time build strong relationships and manage customer loyalty?

Seminar Description:

Having mutually respective interactions with others is a goal we all should be striving for, yet why is “manipulation” part of everyday human interaction? To mitigate this manipulation in interactions, it is essential that every person be on the same page. This starts by establishing mutually respective rules of engagement. Since we can’t control others behaviours, we need to realize that we must be the one to ensure rules are established.

Establishing rules is not a hard process, but consistency in its implementation is. 

Key Learning Points:
  • Learn the key steps in establishing rules of engagement
  • Recognize when rules should be implemented and followed
  • Learn how to hold people accountable to the rules
  • Learn how to take control (and remain in control) of the interaction
Session Time(s) Duration Delivery Required Program Enrolment Instructor
1:00pm – 2:30pm
1.5 Hours Webinar Customer Service Training Randy Hnatko, MBA

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