Territory Management Strategies

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Sales Training & Development
Lecture, Online, Seminar

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Seminar Description:

No matter what title you have, as sales professional you will be responsible for managing your territory or book of business. Every year you are tasked with increasing revenues, maximizing gross margin, minimizing expenses and mitigating attrition rates. To do this in an efficient and effective manor, you should implement processes and strategies to meet and exceed your territory objectives. If these can be determined early in your Territory Management plan, you should be able to make decisions as to whether or not you should go after the opportunity or not.

Key Learning Points:
  • Learn how to create and monitor strategies to meet territory objectives
  • Create a process for determining optimum allocation of resources consistent will territory objectives
  • Understand how to analyse territory issues in order to mitigate any negative influences
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8:00am – 9:30am
1.5 Hours Webinar Sales Training & Development Randy Hnatko, MBA

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