Establishing Goals – Measuring Performance

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Sales Training & Development
Lecture, Online, Seminar

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Seminar Description:

Aristotle’s form of final causality is believed to be the origin of goal setting. Aristotle speculated that purpose can cause action and that there is a positive relationship between clearly identified goals and performance. Goal setting involves the development of a plan designed to properly motivate and guide an individual to an end result. In this session we will look at the goal-performance relationship, criteria needed to establish goals, how motivational theory can impact goals and individual accountability and the relationship between personal and corporate goals.

Key Learning Points:
  • Understand the relationship between goals and performance
  • Criteria required to establish goals which will be achieved
  • How to hold yourself accountable to achieve the goals committed to
Session Time(s) Duration Delivery Required Program Enrolment Instructor
8:00am – 9:30am
1.5 Hours Webinar Sales Training & Development Randy Hnatko, MBA

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